The London Azerbaijan Society was re-launched as The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) in November 2008 and aims to promote Azerbaijan to international audiences and to bring together Azerbaijanis living and working abroad. The Society has grown since its establishment in 2004 to include hundreds of members, and regularly sends out membership newsletters and holds events to spread the rich culture of Azerbaijan to European audiences. The Society organises seminars, talks, concerts and other cultural events, as well as providing a central information source on Azerbaijan-related events across the UK and Europe. Membership is open to all – and suggestions for future events are most welcome. In its role as a networking centre, the Society focuses on areas such as business development, culture, and education to promote greater understanding and cooperation between Europe and Azerbaijan.

The Society has the following objectives:

  • To promote Azerbaijan as a modern, forward facing country with tremendous economic opportunities and a strong cultural heritage
  • To promote international relations with Azerbaijan to a wide political, media and cultural audience
  • To bring together Azerbaijanis living in Europe, and to involve them in promoting Azerbaijan
  • To raise awareness and end the apathy of the West towards the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict